Jan 23, 2017

EBOOK - Electronic Systems (Franco Zappa)

The book deepens the understanding of important concepts and elements necessary to properly design an electronic system by exploiting analog, mixed - signal and digital components. The book aims to provide the tools to analyze and develop electronic stages and systems, like:
- Performances of Operational Amplifiers
- Small and large signal responses of OpAmps;
- Frequency compensation of OpAmp stages;
- Advanced OpAmps (INA, ISO, Current feedback, Current mode and OTA amplifiers);
- Sample&Hold sampling circuits;
- Analog mux, digital potentiometers and universal active filters;
- Standard and advanced DAC and ADC converters;
- Under - and over - sampling;
- Sigma - Delta modulators;

- Microcontrollers. Many real circuits and exercises are provided at the end of each Chapter and also in two specific Chapters focused on analog electronic systems employing OpAmps and mixed-signal systems with DAC and ADC converters. Most exercises are fully solved, with detailed step-by-step stage design and electronic schematics analysis.

EBOOK - Hệ thống điện tử - Tác giả: Franco Zappa - 715 Trang.


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