Jul 12, 2017

EBOOK - Construction drawings and details for interiors - basic skills (W. Otie. Kilmer & Rosemary Kilmer)

Writing a second edition of a book is much like writing the original one, however, the process is a little easier since we’ve been through it once. In an effort to keep up with the rapidly advancing technology in the interior design and architectural professions, it has taken the knowledge and skills of several people to bring this second edition to fruition. The authors wish to express their sincere thanks to the following people, who helped in the development of new material, revision of existing information, and preparation of this second edition.

First, we would like to thank our current and former students, who continue to show their enthusiasm to learn more and more each year, which challenges us to keep abreast of the issues and best practice standards facing the interior design profession. This edition includes work by the following talented and hardworking students: Lisa Tillman, Lamis Behbehani, and Lisa Vanzee.


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