EBOOK - Microelectronic Circuit Design (Richard Jaeger)

Through study of this text, the reader will develop a comprehensive understanding of the basic techniques of modern electronic circuit design, analog and digital, discrete and integrated. Even though most readers may not ultimately be engaged in the design of integrated circuits (ICs) themselves, a thorough understanding of the internal circuit structure of ICs is prerequisite to avoiding many pitfalls that prevent the effective and reliable application of integrated circuits in system design.
Digital electronics has evolved to be an extremely important area of circuit design, but it is included almost as an afterthought in many introductory electronics texts. We present a more balanced coverage of analog and digital circuits. The writing integrates the authors’ extensive industrial backgrounds in precision analog and digital design with their many years of experience in the classroom. A broad spectrum of topics is included, and material can easily be selected to satisfy either a two-semester or three-quarter sequence in electronics.

EBOOK - Thiết kế vi mạch điện tử - Tác giả: Richard Jaege (1354 Trang).



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