EBOOK - Electrical Energy Generation in Europe (Jorge Morales Pedraza)

The preparation of a book has always been a complex and challenging task. This is the third book on energy matters that I have had the opportunity to prepare. The first two books were dedicated to the use of different energy sources for generation of electricity in Latin America and the Caribbean region.
One of the books was dedicated to the use of oil, natural gas, and coal for generation of electricity, and the second to the use of different renewable and nuclear energy sources for the same purpose. This book is thefirst of two books dedicated to the use of conventional and nonconventional energy sources for the generation of electricity in the European region. In this particular book, the role of oil, natural gas, and coal in the regional generation of electricity is presented.
Providing a stable and secure supply of energy is a great challenge for governments seeking to chieve sustainable development goals, since the main energy sources providing economic growth and social development are present in the Earth only in specific locations and in limited quantities. Energy is, undoubtedly, an important element in the struggle of any country to alleviate poverty, promote
economic growth, and foster social development. But as the world consumes more and more energy, stress is placed on current level of energy reserves and the environment at national, regional, and international levels.

The world should work together to safeguard the environment without slowing socioeconomic development. Third World countries should look for adequate technological solutions in order to change present unsustainable patterns of consumption and production in developed countries and to seek the low-hanging fruit and the win–win solutions that provide the least costly ways of achieving sustainable development goals.

EBOOK - Năng lượng phát điện ở châu Âu - Tác giả: Jorge Morales Pedraza (473 Trang).


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