EBOOK - Power Equipment Engine Technology (Edward Abdo)

EBOOK - Công nghệ động cơ thiết bị điện - Tác giả: Edward Abdo (411 Trang).

Engines have a long history that dates back hundreds of years, and the power equipment engine is a major factor in that history. But first try to imagine a world without lawn mowers, snow blowers, tractors, cars, cell phones, iPods, electricity, or computers. That is the way it was 200 years ago. All work was done by hand and with
the help of animals and water or wind power.
Over the years, engines were developed to help us with various types of work, and over time, constant breakthroughs in engine and electronics technology have greatly changed how engines are developed and marketed to today’s consumer.
With millions of power equipment engines being sold every year, trained engine technicians will remain in high demand throughout the country. This textbook has been designed to discuss the various types of engines and engine components that a power equipment technician is likely to work with. Power Equipment Engine
Technologywas written for the high school, community college, or trade school level. It can be a valuable addition to the library of the seasoned technician as well as the casual consumer wanting to know more about how an engine operates. The content of this textbook is the result of input from technicians, instructors, and owners of power equipment shops.

Introduction to Power Equipment Engine
Technology 1
Learning Objectives  1
Introduction 2
A Brief History of the Internal Combustion Engine  2
The Birth of the Internal Combustion Engine  3
Career Opportunities in the Power Equipment
Engine Industry  5
Opportunities in Dealerships  6
Power Equipment Industry Education
and Certification  8
Equipment & Engine Training Council  8
Summary 9
Chapter 1 Review Questions  9
Safety First  10
Learning Objectives  10
Introduction 11
The Safety Attitude  11
Fire Safety  11
The Fire Triangle  12
The Four Fire Classes  12
Using a Fire Extinguisher  14
Hazardous Chemicals  16
Right-to-Know Laws  17
Electrical Safety  18
Exhaust Gas Safety  18
Safe Operation of Equipment  20
Good Housekeeping Practices  20
Handling Heavy Objects and Materials  22
Using Personal Protective Equipment  23
Protecting Your Eyes and Face  23
Protecting Your Lungs  24
Protecting Your Hearing  25
Proper Attire  25
Protecting Your Feet and Legs  25
Protecting Your Hands and Arms  25
Using Tools Safely  26
Using Hand Tools Safely  26
Using Power Tools Safely  26
Compressed Air Safety  27
Summary 27
Chapter 2 Review Questions  28
Tools 29
Learning Objectives  29
Introduction 30
Basic Hand Tools  30
Wrenches 30
Screwdrivers 36
Pliers 38
Hammers 40
Punches and Chisels  40
Clamps and Vises  42
Cutting Tools  42
Power Tools  44
Drills 44
Drill Press  46
Bench Grinder  46
Air Tools  46
Special Tools  47
Pullers 47
Precision Measuring Tools  48
Test Instruments  51
Purchasing Tools  53
Storing Tools  54
Service Information Library  55
Summary 56
Chapter 3 Review Questions  56
Measuring Systems, Fasteners,
and Thread Repair  57
Learning Objectives  57
Introduction 58
Measurement Systems  58
The Conventional System  58
The Metric System  58
Fasteners 59
The Nuts and Bolts of Bolts and Nuts  59
Fastener Anatomy  59
Thread Types  60
Bolt Grades  61
Bolts Types  61
Starting Devices  89
Piston 89
Cylinder and Cylinder Head  89
Engine Cooling  89
Air-Cooled Engines  90
Liquid-Cooled Engines  90
Engine Configurations  91
Single Cylinder Engines  91
Horizontally Opposed Twin- Cylinder Engines  91
V-Twin Engines  91
Summary 92
Chapter 5 Review Questions  92
Internal Combustion Engines  93
Learning Objectives  93
Introduction 94
General and Scientific Terms and Laws  94
Matter 94
Viscosity 95
Boyle’s Law  95
Pressure Differences  95
Momentum 95
Laws of Motion  95
Energy 95
The Basic Internal Combustion Process  96
Construction of the Internal
Combustion Engine  96
The Three Phases of Internal Combustion  97
Results of Combustion  98
Internal Combustion Engine Operation  98
Basic Four-Stroke Engine Components  99
Four-Stroke Cylinder Heads  99
Four-Stroke Camshafts  102
Four-Stroke Cylinders  104
Four-Stroke Pistons  104
Four-Stroke Piston Rings  105
Four-Stroke Crankshafts  106
Four-Stroke Connecting Rods  106
Four-Stroke Crankcase  107
Theory of Operation of the Four-Stroke Engine  107
Valve Operation  107
Fuel Induction  107
The Strokes of a Four-Stroke Engine  108
Two-Stroke Engines  109
Two-Stroke Engine Components  109


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