EBOOK - Fundamentals of Momentum Heat and Mass Transfer (James R. Welty & Charles E. Wicks)

EBOOK - Các nguyên lý cơ bản của quá trình truyền nhiệt (James R. Welty & Charles E. Wicks) - 729 Trang.

In this edition, we still include some examples and problems that are posed in English units, but a large portion of the quantitative work presented is now in SI units. This isconsistent with most of the current generation of engineering textbooks. There are still some subdisciplines in the thermal/fluid sciences that use English units conventionally, so it remains necessary for students to have some familiarity with pounds, mass, slugs, feet, psi, and so forth. Perhaps a fifth edition, if it materializes, will finally be entirely SI.

We, the original three authors (W3), welcome Dr. Greg Rorrer to our team. Greg is a
member of the faculty of the Chemical Engineering Department at Oregon State University with expertise in biochemical engineering. He has had a significant influence on this edition’s sections on mass transfer, both in the text and in the problem sets at the end of Chapters 24 through 31. This edition is unquestionably strengthened by his contributions, and we anticipate his continued presence on our writing team.



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