Đầu DVD lắp đặt cho ôtô (JVC KW-V620BTM)


Mẫu mã: V620BT
Sản xuất tại: Nhật Bản
Thời gian bảo hành: 18 tháng
Loại hình bảo hành Bằng: Tem bảo hành



Screen Size           6.8″ Clear Resistive Touch Panel
Number of Pixels   1,152,000 (800 x 480 x RGB)
Color System           NTSC/PAL
Touch Panel           Yes
Monitor Touch Control  Yes
Customizable GUI          Yes
Variable Color Illumination Yes
Dimmer                                 Yes
Multilingual Display         Yes[3]
Wallpaper Capture                 Yes

Media Playback

MP3/WMA Compatible with ID3 Tag/WMA Tag CD / DVD / USB[3]
WAV Compatible with Tag USB[3]
AAC Compatible with Tag CD / DVD / USB[3]
FLAC Compatible with Tag USB[3]
H.264 Compatible         USB
WMV Compatible         USB
MPEG 1/2 Compatible CD / DVD / USB
MPEG 4 Compatible USB
AVI/MKV Compatible USB (SD Video Level)
JPEG File Playback USB
PNG File Playback         USB
BMP File Playback         USB

CD Player

CD-R/RW Compatible Yes
CD Text                         Yes
Random/Repeat Play Yes

DVD Player

"Click vào để xem ảnh gốc với chất lượng tốt hơn"
DVD-R/-RW, +R/+RW Compatible Yes
Video Format                                          NTSC/PAL
Dolby Digital                                          2ch
Video CD Playback                          Yes
Frequency Response                          96kHz Sampling: 20 – 22,000Hz,
48kHz Sampling:                                     20 – 22,000Hz,
44.1kHz Sampling:        20 – 20,000Hz
Dynamic Range        91dB (DVD-Video 96k)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio    94dB (DVD-Video 96k)
Wow & Flutter        Below measurable limit

Bluetooth Control

Bluetooth Control[1]      Yes (Built-in, Wired-Mic included)
Hands Free Call              Yes (HFP1.6 Wideband Speech)
Audio Streaming & Control (A2DP, AVRCP) Yes
Voice Recognition Dialing (voice recognition compatible cell phone required) Yes
Siri Eyes Free Mode for iPod/iPhone Yes
2 Phones Full-Time Connection         Yes
Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP) Yes
Alphabetical Search for Phone Book Yes
Auto Pairing for iPhone/Android         Yes (iPhone only)
HID Yes (Android 4.1 or later)

Android Control

Smartphone Control for Android (via Bluetooth HID) Yes[4]
Pandora Control         Yes (via Bluetooth®) *Running Change
iHeart Radio Control Yes (via Bluetooth(R))
Spotify Control         Yes (via Bluetooth®) *Running Change
Battery Charge         Yes (USB: 1A Max.)

iPod/iPhone Control

iPod/iPhone Music Playback Yes (USB)
Random/Repeat Play          Yes (USB)
Text Yes (USB)
Battery Charge         Yes (USB: 1A Max.)
Pandora Control         Yes (via USB or Bluetooth®) *Running Change
iHeartRadio Control Yes (via USB or Bluetooth®)
Spotify Control         Yes (via USB or Bluetooth®) *Running Change
iPod/iPhone Video File Playback         Yes[5]
Smartphone Control for iPod/iPhone Yes[5]


USB Port x1 (High Speed)
Position                         Rear
Random/Repeat Play Yes
USB Power Supply         Yes (USB: 1A Max.)
USB Mass Storage Class (for music/video/picture files) Yes


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