EBOOK - Writing Better English for ESL Learners 2 Ed (Ed Swick)

EBOOK - Viết tiếng Anh tốt hơn cho người học ESL 2 Ed (Ed Swick) - 252 Trang.

Writing in any language is a difficult skill to acquire. Therefore, as an ESL student you should approach writing in English carefully. In order to write well, you want to first have an understanding of grammatical structures, vocabulary, and tense usage. You practice those concepts until you can use them with relative ease. Then you are ready to practice writing original material.

This book does two things:

1. It gives you an abundant review of basic structures.
2. It provides various forms of writing practice within a controlled program that focuses on improving the skills needed to write accurately.


1 Preparing to Write 1
Verb Tenses 2
Auxiliaries 16
The Passive Voice 26
The Subjunctive Mode 31
Conjunctions 38
Pronouns 44
Possessives and Plurals 62
The Comparative and Superlative 68
2 Beginning to Write 75
Sentence Completion 75
3 Writing Original Sentences 87
Understanding the Format 87
Writing According to the Format 88
4 Story Completion 115
Understanding the Format 115
Completing Stories with Original Phrases 115
5 Writing Letters 151
The Friendly Letter 151
The Business Letter 157
6 Writing Original Themes 167
Appendix A: Irregular Verbs in the Past Tense
and Past Participle 173
Appendix B: Verbs and Tenses 177
Answer Key 187


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