VIDEO - Thiết bị chưng cất tinh dầu trầm hương (Khoa Nhiệt - Trường ĐHBK Đà Nẵng)

Một video giới thiệu về thiết bị chưng cất tinh dầu trầm hương do sinh viên khoa Nhiệt, ĐH Bách khoa, ĐH Đà Nẵng nghiên cứu, thiết kế và chế tạo.

This video shows "A research prototype of agarwood oil distillation device".
This prototype includes several components: LPG burner, Steam generator, 2 shell and tube condenser, a water pump, and a small container for gathering mixture of oil and condensed water.
Agarwood chips was loaded into a stainless steel basket. About 4 kg of wet agarwood for each batch (about 40 liters).

Basket of agarwood chips was put into the steam generator. Here, chips would be heated by hot water steam generated below.
Then, connect the lid into the steam generator. Then, connect the outlet of the lid to the shell and tube condenser. Mixture of water steam and oil travelled from the steam generator to the condenser. Afterward, it was cooled down by water and became mixture of agarwood oil and condensed water.
Turn on the LPG burner to heat up water inside the steam generator. Then, Start the water pump to cool down mixture of steam and oil vapor in the condenser.
Agarwood oil has dark yellow color and lighter than water. Therefore, it settles on the top layer of the mixture in the container. Based on this property of agarwood oil, we can separate it quite simple for the its mixture with water.
Results from 2 batches (8 kg of wet agarwood chips): About 8 ml of agarwood oil for 30 hours operation.

Research group information:

Project name: DUT – NEO (Danang University of science and Technology – Natural Essential Oil distillation).

Faculty of Thermal and Refrigeration engineering, The Danang University, University of Science and Technology.

Contact person: Manh Ngophi; phone number +84 905 958 409; email address:

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