Câu hỏi ôn tập và bộ đề thi môn tiếng anh chuyên ngành công nghệ thông tin (infotech english for computer users) có đáp án.

Section 1: Computers today

1. What is the program used for text manipulation?
A. Spreadsheet
B. Graphics design C. Word processor D. Animation

2. What has the same meaning as monitor?

A. visual display unit

B. screen

C. A&B

D. None

3. How can computer become miraculous(kỳ diệu)?

A. due to CPU

B. due to main memory

C. due to hardware and software

D. due to peripherals

4. ________ are not used for permanent storage.
C. Disk drives
D. Hard disks
5. What does PC stand for?

A. powerful computer

B. personal counter C. personal computer

D. pocket

6. What are the three basic steps in the data process?

A. Process data
B. Accept data
C. Accept data
D. A and B
Provide output
Process data
Save the data
Print on paper
Give the result
Process data
7. What is visual display unit?
A. peripheral
B. microprocessor C. disk
D. drive
8. What does CPU stand for?



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