Jul 22, 2017

EBOOK - A First Course in the Finite Element Method (Daryl L. Logan)

The purpose of this fourth edition is again to provide a simple, basic approach to the finite element method that can be understood by both undergraduate and graduate students without the usual prerequisites (such as structural analysis) required by most available texts in this area.
The book is written primarily as a basic learning tool for the undergraduate student in civil and mechanical engineering whose main interest is in stress analysis and heat transfer. However, the concepts are presented in sufficiently simple form so that the book serves as a valuable learning aid for students with other backgrounds, as well as for practicing engineers. The text is geared toward those who want to apply the finite element method to solve practical physical problems.
General principles are presented for each topic, followed by traditional applications of these principles, which are in turn followed by computer applications where relevant. This approach is taken to illustrate concepts used for computer analysis of large-scale problems.

The book proceeds from basic to advanced topics and can be suitably used in a two-course sequence. Topics include basic treatments of (1) simple springs and bars, leading to two- and three-dimensional truss analysis; (2) beam bending, leading to plane frame and grid analysis and space frame analysis; (3) elementary plane stress/strain elements, leading to more advanced plane stress/strain elements; (4) axisymmetric stress; (5) isoparametric formulation of the finite element method; (6) three-dimensional stress; (7) plate bending; (8) heat transfer and fluid mass transport; (9) basic fluid mechanics; (10) thermal stress; and (11) time-dependent stress and heat transfer.



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