Feb 26, 2018

EBOOK - Environmental degradation of advanced and traditional engineering materials (Lloyd H. Hihara)

Corrosion is ubiquitous: all engineering systems are subject to environmental degradation in service environments, whether these systems are used for national defense or to save and improve the quality of life of individuals (medical devices of all kinds); to meet our energy needs on this planet; to provide clean air; to transport water, energy products, and other objects of our commercial world (pipelines, oil tankers, automobiles, aircraft, etc.); and many others including the vast spatial presence of infrastructure systems. From heart stents to nuclear electric generating stations, corrosion is part of our world.

What remains a persistent, resource-consuming reality in the engineering enterprise is that engineering systems are built of materials that are subject to environmental degradation that ultimately must be repaired or replaced. Whether an airframe, integrated circuit, bridge, prosthetic device, or implantable drug-delivery system, the chemical stability of the materials of construction of such systems continues to be a key element in determining their useful life.
To put the detrimental effects of corrosion into perspective, the overall annual cost of metallic corrosion on a global basis was estimated to be 3.8% of gross world output or $1.9 trillion (based on the year 2004). The losses for the United States were estimated to be approximately 30% of the global losses (Bhaskaran et al. 2005).

Section  i  Metals
1  Forms of Metallic Corrosion
Raghu Srinivasan and Lloyd H. Hihara
2  Crystalline Alloys: Magnesium .
Barbara A. Shaw and Elizabeth Sikora
3  Crystalline Alloys: Aluminum..
Nick Birbilis and Bruce R.W. Hinton
4  Crystalline Alloys: Titanium
Suresh Divi and James Grauman
5  Crystalline Alloys: Plain-Carbon and Low-Alloy Steels ..
Hitoshi Asahi
6  Crystalline Alloys: Stainless Steels
Haruhiko Kajimura
7  Crystalline Alloys: Nickel ..
Raul B. Rebak
8  Crystalline Alloys: Copper
Marc A. Edwards and James H. Michel
9  Crystalline Alloys: Zinc
Xiaoge Gregory Zhang
10  Nanostructured Alloys
R.K. Singh Raman
viii Contents
11  Amorphous Alloys
Koji Hashimoto
12  Metal Matrix Composites
Lloyd H. Hihara
Section  ii  Polymers
13  Forms of Polymer Degradation
Margaret Roylance and David Roylance
14  Thermoplastic Polymers
Kent R. Miller, Xiaojiang Wang, and Mark D. Soucek
15  Thermosetting Polymers
Drew Pavlacky, Chris Vetter, and Victoria J. Gelling



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