EBOOK - Thermodynamics and Heat Power Eighth Edition (Irving Granet)

EBOOK - Nhiệt động học và nhiệt điện (Irving Granet) - 838 Trang.

It has been over ten years since this textbook was last revised. There have been many advancements in technology during this time, especially in the area of direct energy conversion. There has also been a need to expand on concepts in the areas of ideal gas flow, engine analysis, air conditioning, and heat transfer. This new edition marks a joining with the Taylor & Francis Group, including CRC Press, to continue what has been a 40-year process of providing students with an understanding of basic concepts in thermodynamics. Specifically, the following material has been added in this eighth edition:

- An emphasis on a system approach to problems
- More discussion of the types of heat and of entropy
- Added explanations for understanding pound mass and the mole
- Analysis of steady-flow gas processes, replacing the compressible flow section
- The concept of paddle work to illustrate how frictional effects can be analyzed
- A clearer discussion of the psychrometric chart and its usage in analyzing air conditioning systems
- Updates of the status of direct energy conversion systems
- A description of how the cooling tower is utilized in high-rise buildings
- Practical automotive engine analysis
- Expanded Brayton cycle analysis including intercooling, reheat, and regeneration and their effect on gas turbine efficiency
- A description of fins and how they improve heat transfer rates
- Added illustrative problems and new homework problems
- Availability of a publisher’s website for fluid properties and other reference materials
- Properties of the latest in commercial refrigerants.


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