EBOOK - Water Quality Control Handbook - E.Alley

EBOOK - Cẩm nang kiểm soát chất lượng nước - A.Elley

Clean water. It's a reachable goal with this first-ever professional's guide to every aspect of pollution control in every type of receiving body. From at-the-source prevention to technical treatment solutions, the Water Quality Control Handbook brings you expert, crystal-clear guidance on assessing, controlling, eliminating, and remediating the many factors that contribute to water pollution. 

The only hands-on guide of its type, the Handbook draws on the experience of dozens of top experts to help you:*Assess the types of contamination *Determine the causes of pollution *Measure and monitor both biological and chemical pollutants *Prevent problems where they start *Develop appropriate and effective treatment strategies *Apply tested remedial and control measures of many types *Institute or evaluate management plans *Get expert guidance on regulations and laws The one reference that brings professionals comprehensive coverage of clean water issues and answers, Water Quality Control Handbook offers the full range of up-to-date equipment and solutions you need, from authorities you trust.


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