EBOOK - English Vocabulary in Use Advanced Book with Answers Vocabulary Reference and Practice - Michael McCarthy, Felicity O Dell

EBOOK - Từ vựng tiếng Anh trong sử dụng Sách nâng cao với câu trả lời Tham khảo và thực hành từ vựng - Michael McCarthy, Felicity O Dell

Cramming for success: study and
academic work 8
Education: debates and issues 10 Applying for a job 12
Job interviews 14
At work: colleagues and routines 16
At work: job satisfaction 18
At work: careers 20
People and relationships
Describing people: positive and negative qualities 22
Describing people: appearance and mannerisms 24
Describing people: personality and character traits 26
Relationships: friends forever 28
Relationships: ups and downs 30
Emotions and reactions 32
Negative feelings 34
Birth and death: from cradle to grave
Leisure and lifestyle
Free time: relaxation and leisure 38
All the rage: clothes and fashion 40
Home styles, lifestyles 42
Socialising and networking 44
The performance arts: reviews and critiques 46
The visual arts 48
Talking about books 50
Food: a recipe for disaster 52
Dinner’s on me: entertaining and eating out 54
On the road: traffic and driving 56
Travel and accommodation 58
Attracting tourists 60
The environment
Describing the world 62
Weather and climate 64
Brick walls and glass ceilings 66
Taking root and reaping rewards 68
The animal kingdom 70
Our endangered world 72
Society and institutions
Here to help: customer service 74
Authorities: customs and police 76

Beliefs 78
Festivals in their cultural context 80
Talking about language 82
History: since the dawn of civilisation 84
The haves and the have-nots 86
British politics 88
International politics 90
The letter of the law 92
War and peace 94
Economy and finance 96
Personal finance: making ends

meet 98
The media
The media: in print 100
The media: internet and email 102
Advertising 104
The news: gathering and
delivering 106
Healthcare 108
Illness: feeling under the weather 110
Medical language 112
Diet, sport and fitness 114

Industries: from manufacturing
to service 116
Technology and its impact 118
Technology of the future 120
Energy: from fossil fuels to windmills 122
Basic concepts
Space: no room to swing a cat 124
Time: once in a blue moon 126
Motion: taking steps 128
Manner: behaviour and body

language 130
Sounds: listen up! 132
Weight and density 134
All the colours of the rainbow 136
Speed: fast and slow 138
Cause and effect 140
Spot the difference: making
comparisons 142
Difficulties and dilemmas 144
Modality: expressing facts,
opinions, desires 146
Number: statistics and quantity 148
Functional vocabulary
Permission: getting the go-ahead 150
Complaining and protesting 152
Apology, regret and reconciliation 154
A pat on the back: complimenting
and praising 156
Promises and bets 158
Reminiscences and regrets 160
Agreement, disagreement
and compromise 162


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