BÁO CÁO THÍ NGHIỆM KỸ THUẬT SIÊU CAO TẦN - LAB 2 Basic Transmission Lines in the Frequency Domain

In this laboratory experiment, you will use SPICE to study sinusoidal waves on lossless transmission lines. Our goal is for you to become familiar with the basic behavior of waves reflecting from loads in transmission lines, and compare the simulations with numeric calculations and the Smith Chart.
2.1   Basic Transmission Line Model
There is a standard lossless transmission line model T, which is specified by everal parameters. We will need to specify two of the parameters:
  Z0, the characteristic impedance.
  TD, the time delay, which is the length of the line in time units.
The length of the line L is related to the time delay through.
D p T u L  (2.1)

Where up is the phase velocity of waves on the transmission line.
As we saw in lecture and in our text, the phase velocity and characteristic impedance may be derived from the “lumped element” model of the transmission line. With L’ the inductance per unit length, and C’ the capacitance per unit length, we have'.


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