Jan 1, 2017

EBOOK - Design Engineering A Manual For Enhanced Creativity (W. Ernst Eder)

Designing is an activity directed toward an anticipated future goal, and an optimal product delivered in good time and at acceptable cost. Creativity requires openmindedness: anything that makes designing more efficient, effective, rational, better directed, with a better outcome becomes a welcome addition to the information and heuristic arsenal of designers.
The purpose of this book is to propose and justify a valid, formalized general model of design procedure, especially for innovative design engineering, that is, prescribing a procedure for designing technical systems, presented for use in engineering design practice. Procedures and the model must still be adapted to the actual design situation.
Current information and knowledge about design engineering are presented as a societal and technical process operated mainly by cognitive abilities of human designers.
This book contains a survey and map of information and knowledge about systematic, methodical, and intuitive design engineering, and the progressive development of the product (a technical system and/or its operational process) through stages of abstract to concrete modeling.

Methodical designing is the use of established and newly developed methods, both formalized and intuitive, within the engineering design process. Systematic designing is the strategic use of a theory, based on Engineering Design Science, to guide the design process. A combination of formalized and theory-based methods, with a systematic and methodical approach, using systems thinking, and including intuitive working, is recommended.
Attention is focused on the abstract conceptual phases of design engineering, where most of the future cost of a product is committed by explorations and decisions.
Yet the more routine phases of embodiment and detail design are important, they are often causes for failures of products—“the devil lies in the detail” [458].
This book is intended for practicing engineering designers in any branch of engineering, especially those involved in innovation projects; planners; managers of design engineering; design teams or project leaders; product planners; architects and industrial designers; teachers, instructors, and students of engineering;



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