Jan 20, 2017

EBOOK - Automotive Engineering - Lightweight Functional and Novel Materials (Brian Cantor & Patrick Grant & Colin Johnson)

This book is a text on automotive materials, arising from presentations given at the fifth Oxford–York–Kobe Materials Seminar, held at the Kobe Institute on 10–13 September 2002.
The Kobe Institute is an independent non-profit-making organization. It was established by donations from Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, and more than 100 companies all over Japan. It is based in Kobe City, Japan, and is operated in collaboration with St. Catherine’s College, Oxford University, United Kingdom. The chairman of the Kobe Institute Com-mittee in the United Kingdom is Roger insworth, master of St. Cathe-rine’s College; the director of the Kobe Institute Board is Dr. Yasutomi Nishizuka; the academic director is Dr. Helen Mardon, Oxford University; and the bursar is Dr. Kaizaburo Saito. The Kobe Institute was established with the objectives of promoting the pursuit of education and research that furthers mutual understanding between Japan and other nations, and to contribute to collaborations and exchanges between academics and industrial partners.
The Oxford–York–Kobe seminars are research workshops that aim to pro-mote international academic exchanges between the United Kingdom/ Europe and Japan. A key feature of the seminars is to provide a world-class forum focused on strengthening connections between academics and indus-try in both Japan and the United Kingdom/Europe, and fostering collabo-rative research on timely problems of mutual interest.

The fifth Oxford–York–Kobe Materials Seminar was on automotive mate-rials, concentrating on developments in science and technology over the next ten years. The cochairs of the seminar were Dr. Hisashi Hayashi of Riken, Dr. Takashi Inaba of Kobe Steel, Dr. Kimihiro Shibata of Nissan, Professor Takayuki Takasugi of Osaka Prefecture University, Dr. Hiroshi Yamagata of Yamaha, Professor Brian Cantor of York University, Dr. Patrick Grant and Dr. Colin Johnston of Oxford University, and Dr. Kaizaburo Saito of the Kobe Institute.
The seminar coordinator was Pippa Gordon of Oxford University. The seminar was sponsored by the Kobe Institute, St. Catherine’s  College, the Oxford Centre for Advanced Materials and Composites, the UK Department of Trade and Industry, and Faraday Advance. Following the seminar, all of the speakers prepared extended manuscripts in order to compile a text suitable for graduates and for
researchers entering the field. The contributions are compiled into four sections: industrial perspective, functional materials, light metals, and processing and manufacturing.



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