Feb 3, 2017

EBOOK - Foundations for Radio Frequency Engineering (Geyi Wen)

In an age of knowledge explosion, students have to meet the challenges of maintaining perspective amid a deluge of information and change in their developments of expertise. The traditional university courses and their contents must therefore be designed,planned or merged accordingly so that the students can master the core materials that are needed in their future careers, while having enough time to study the new courses to be frequently added to the curriculum.
With the rapid development of wireless communication technologies, the demand on wireless spectrum has been growing dramatically. This results in extensive and intensive research in radio frequency (RF) theory and techniques, and substantial advancements in the area of radio engineering, both in theory and practice, have emerged in recent years.
RF engineering deals with various devices that are designed to operate in the frequency range from 3 kHz to 300 GHz, and therefore covers all areas where electromagnetic fields must be transmitted or received as a carrier wave. For this reason, a good RF engineer must have in-depth knowledge in mathematics and physics, as well as specialized training in the areas of applied electromagnetics such as guided structures and microwave circuits,
antenna and wave propagation, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) designs of electronic circuits.

EBOOK - Nền tảng cho kỹ thuật biến tần Radio - Tác giả: Geyi Wen



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