Feb 5, 2017

EBOOK - Management of Construction Projects (Brian Cooke)

Managing Construction Projects is based on personal observations of six onstruction projects, with the text following the work stages from commencement to completion of the projects.
The content is based on the author’s observations of various aspects of each project. The information collected was freely given by the project managers, site managers and surveying staff based on the projects.
The head office and site organisation structure are outlined on each of the projects in relation to the main contractor. Relationships between the client’s and the contractor’s team were also considered.
Site planning and programming routines on the various contracts are outlined.
Extensive use was evident on all the projects that Asta Developments – Power Project planning software was xtensively used. All projects relied on laptop computers to provide access to company ocumentation and procedures.

Observations of the methods of handling a wide range of components – including large storey height panels, precast coffered floor units and curtain wall panels are illustrated. Site layout plans are also illustrated, together with examples of material storage proposals. Good and bad materials anagement practices on both the large and smaller projects are also discussed.
A number of construction sequences are shown for the erection of a 15 storey steel frame, 10 storey pre-cast cross wall frame and related buildings. The importance of construction method statements is dealt with in relation to the concreting of a large in-situ concrete floor.

1  Organisation of the Construction Process  1
2  Developing Construction Teams  24
3  Project Planning – Linked Bar Charts and
Procurement Programmes  34
4  Contracts  44
5  Materials Management  55
6  Mechanical Handling and Risk Assessment  73
7  Managing Construction Defects  95
8  Hotel and Office Project Development  105
9  The Merlin Project  143
10  The Co-operative Head Office Building  165
11  Chinley School Project  195
12  Retail Unit and Car Park  222
13  University Refurbishment Project  251
14  Managing a Small Business  272

EBOOK - Quản lý dự án xây dựng - Tác giả: Brian Cooke (305 Trang).



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