Feb 23, 2017

Reliability and Maintainability for Fire Protection Systems (Howard D. Boyd)

TÀI LIỆU: Độ tin cậy và bảo trì cho các hệ thống phòng cháy chữa cháy - Tác giả: Howard D. Boyd.

Reliabilityand Maintainability (R&M) issues are discussed which pertain to Fire Protection (FP) systems. Although R&M technology has been developed primarily for military and electronic systems, the philosophies and method ologies are applicable to the field of Fire Protection. Toillus trate this, the reliability of a representative system for a high rise building is analyzed.
Chanceoffailure and MTBF (Mean Time BetweenFailure)indices are calculated for a sub-set of equipment which delivers electrical power to a pumpautomatically. The system power depends upon redundant DieselGenerators(DG's) which back-up the electric UtilityLine. Actual failure datais derived for each equipment. There sults raise concern over the appreciable chance of failure of such systems. The case whereonly one back-up DG is used (typically) represents a condition which is worse. SeveralMaintainabilityconcepts are presented.
These include specification design requirements, fault detection, isolation, built-intest, automatic test equipment, and schemes utilizing Computer Management Systems for periodic exercise and monitoring of  FPequipment.

Over views of several adaptable contemporary R&M programs are provided. These include the treatment of purely mechanical equipment. The authors highly recommend incorporation of modern R&M technology into the Science of  Fire Safety. This should reduce the present lag in R&M applications for FP systems.



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