Mar 7, 2017

EBOOK - Manual of Soil Laboratory Testing - Third Edition (K. H. Head)

EBOOK - Sổ tay hướng dẫn nghiên cứu thử nghiệm đất trồng - Tác giả: K. H. Head (422 Trang).

This volume, the first in a set of three, is a vital working manual that covers the basic tests for the classification and compaction characteristics of engineering soils. It will therefore be an essential practical handbook for all engaged on the testing of soils in a laboratory for building and civil engineering purposes.

Based on the author's experience over many years managing large soil testing laboratories, the book places emphasis on ensuring that procedures are fully understood. Each test procedure is broken down into simple stages, describing each step in detail. The use of flow diagrams and the setting out of test data and calculations will be of great benefit, especially for the newcomer to soil testing. The book contains many numerical examples, which illustrate the methods of calculation and graphical presentations of typical results.
It also includes vital information on good techniques, laboratory safety, the calibration of measuring instruments, essential checks on equipment, and laboratory accreditation.

Volume 1: Soil Classification and Compaction Tests is an essential working manual for all those involved in geotechnical laboratory testing. The book assumes a basic knowledge of mathematics, physics and chemistry, though it explains some of the fundamental principles that are essential in soil testing where appropriate.



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