May 11, 2017

EBOOK - Bat House Builder's Handbook (Merlin D. Tuttle)

EBOOK - Bat House Builder's Handbook (Merlin D. Tuttle).

AMERICA'S BATS ARE an invaluable natural resource. Yet, due to decades of unwarranted human fear and persecution, bats are in alarming decline. You can help by putting up a bat house. You will benefit from having fewer lawn and garden pests, and you will enjoy learning about bats and sharing your knowledge with friends and neighbors.
Few efforts on behalf of wildlife are more fun or rewarding than helping bats.
As primary predators of night-flying insects, bats playa vital role in maintaining the balance of nature. As consumers of vast numbers of pests, they rank among humanity's most valuable allies. A single little brown myotis can catch hundreds of mosquitoes in an hour, and a typical colony of 150 big brown bats can protect local farmers from the costly attacks of 33 million rootworms each summer.
Cucumber and June beetles, stink bugs, leafhoppers, and cutworm and corn earworm moths-all well-known pests-are just a few of the many insects known to be consumed by these frequent users of bat houses.

Although bat house building may someday contribute greatly even to saving endangered species, our first goal is to preserve America's most abundant bats in sufficient numbers to maintain nature's balance. Their loss contributes to growing demands for toxic pesticides that increasingly threaten our personal and environmental health.

4  Why Build a Bat House?
5  Participate in the North American Bat House Research Project
6  Designing Better Bat Houses
16  A Few Pointers for Bat House Experimenters
18  The Secrets of Bat House Success
24  How Research Findings Reveal Bat Preferences
31  Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Bat Houses
33  Bats Most Likely to Occupy Bat Houses
35  The Importance of Bat Conservation
35  Bats Need Your Help.



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