May 24, 2017

EBOOK - Mechanical Engineering Handbook (Frank Kreith)

EBOOK - Cẩm nang Kỹ thuật cơ khí - Tác giả: Frank Kreith (2466 Trang).

SECTION 1 Mechanics of Solids Bela I. Sandor
1.1 Introduction Bela I Sandor
1.2 Statics Bela I. Sandor
1.3 Dynamics Stephen M. Birn and Bela I. Sandor
1.4 Vibrations Bela I. Sandor
1.5 Mechanics of Materials Bela I. Sandor
1.6 Structural Integrity and Durability Bela I. Sandor
1.7 Comprehensive Example of Using Mechanics of Solids Methods Richard C. Duveneck, David A. Jahnke, Christopher J. Watson, and Bela I. Sandor

SECTION 2 Engineering Thermodynamics Michael J. Moran
2.1 Fundamentals Michael J.Moran
2.2 Control Volume Applications Michael J.Moran
2.3 Property Relations and Data Michael J.Moran
2.4 Combustion Michael J.Moran
2.5 Exergy Analysis Michael J.Moran
2.6 Vapor and Gas Power Cycles Michael J.Moran
2.7 Guidelines for Improving Thermodynamic Effectiveness Michael J.Moran

SECTION 3 Fluid Mechanics Frank Kreith
3.1 Fluid Statics Stanley A.Berger
3.2 Equations of Motion and Potential Flow Stanley A.Berger
3.3 Similitude: Dimensional Analysis and Data CorrelationSuar W.Churchill
3.4 Hydraulics of Pipe Systems J.Paul Tullis
3.5 Open Channel Flow Frank M.White
3.6 External Incompressible Flow Alan T.McDonald
3.7 Compressible Flow Ajay Kumar
3.8 Multiphase Flow John C.Chen
3.9 Non-Newtonian Flow Thomas F.Irvine Jr. and Massimo Capobianchi
3.10 Tribology, Lubrication, and Bearing Design Francis E.Kennedy,
E.Richard Booser, and Donald F.Wilcock
3.11 Pumps and Fans Rober F.Boehm
3.12 Liquid Atomization and Spraying Rolf D.Reitz
3.13 Flow Measurement Alan T.McDonald and Sherif A.Sherif
3.14 Micro/Nanotribology Bharat Bhushan

SECTION 4 Heat and Mass Transfer Frank Kreith
4.1 Conduction Heat Transfer Rober F.Boehm
4.2 Convection Heat Transfer George D.Raithby, K.G.Terry Hollands, and N.V.Suryanarayana
4.3 Radiation Michael F.Modest
4.4 Phase-Change Van P.Carey, John C.Chen and Noam Lior c 1999 by CRC Press LLC
4.5 Heat Exchangers Ramesh K.Shah and Kenneth J.Bell
4.6 Temperature and Heat Transfer Measurements Robert J.Moffat
4.7 Mass Transfer Anthony F.Mills
4.8 Applications Arthur E.Bergles, Anthony F.Mills, Larry W.Swanson,
and Vincent W.Antonetti
4.9 Non-Newtonian Fluids —Heat Transfer Thomas F.Irvine,Jr. and
Massimo Capobianchi

SECTION 5 Electrical Engineering Giorgio Rizzoni
5.1 Introduction Giorgio Rizzoni
5.2 Fundamentals of Electric Circuits Giorgio Rizzoni
5.3 Resistive Network Analysis Giorgio Rizzoni
5.4 AC Network Analysis Giorgio Rizzoni
5.5 AC Power Giorgio Rizzoni
5.6 Frequency Response,Filters,and Transient Analysis Giorgio Rizzoni
5.7 Electronics Giorgio Rizzoni
5.8 Power Electronics Giorgio Rizzoni
5.9 Operational Amplifiers Giorgio Rizzoni
5.10 Digital Circuits Giorgio Rizzoni
5.11 Measurements and Instrumentation Giorgio Rizzoni
5.12 Electromechanical Systems Giorgio Rizzoni

SECTION 6 Mechanical System Controls Jan F. Kreider
6.1 Human – Machine Interaction Thomas B. Sheridan
6.2 The Need for Control of Mechanical Systems Peter S. Curtiss
6.3 Control System Analysis Peter S. Curtiss
6.4 Control System Design and Application Peter S. Curtiss
6.5 Advanced Control Topics Peter S. Curtiss, Jan Kreider, Ronald M.Nelson,
and Shou-Heng Huang



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