May 25, 2017

EBOOK - Modern Construction - Roofs (Modern Construction Series) - Andrew Watts

EBOOK - Modern Construction - Roofs (Modern Construction Series) - Andrew Watts

The series is based around the Modern Construction Handbook.Themes of each chapter from the MCH are developed to provide detailed design guides for facades, roofs, materials and fittings. An additional volume of details brings together drawn technical information. Books in the series discuss component design, building assembly, craftsmanship, as well as structural and environmental issues from the MCH.
Modern Construction Roofs is a textbook for students and young practitioners of architecture, as well as students of structural and environmental engineering who wish to broaden their study beyond the information provided in the Roofs chapter of the Modern Construction Handbook. It shows the principles of the main roof types used today and illustrates this through typical generic details, together with a built example, that can inform a design at a more detailed stage.

The six chapters examine roofs from the standpoint of the primary material used in their construction, from metal to glass, concrete, timber, plastics and fabrics. Each set of three double page spreads explains a specific form of construction which is accompanied by drawn and annotated details.Throughout the book, built examples by high profile designers are used to illustrate specific principles. As is the case in the Modern Construction Handbook the techniques described can be applied internationally.



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