Jun 11, 2017

EBOOK - Cam Design Handbook (Harold A. Rothbart)

EBOOK - Cẩm nang thiết kế Cam - Tác giả: Harold A. Rothbart (619 Trang).

A cam is a versatile, specially shaped part of a machine that is always in contact with a member called the follower. The name cam should not be confused with the common abbreviation cam for camera or camcorder, both used in the fields of photography and video, nor with the acronym CAM applied to computer-aided manufacturing, which uti-lizes computational facilities for machinery fabrication of all kinds.
The book is written for the  designer concerned with creating or inventing a physical or mathematical function, a motion or an action, a mechanism or a machine. It would be valuable to the mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, physicist, and scientist aimed at developing cam-follower systems of all kinds, sizes, and speeds. In addition, shop machinists and toolmakers who make and assemble the machinery will find this book of value in their work. Automobile and racing car enthusiasts should find this book helpful in their aspirations. Last, the book can be an aid to students in engineering by introduc-ing  theoretical and  practical  applications of multifaceted ingenious mechanisms and machinery.

Cam design is constantly evolving. New techniques and information are available for cam synthesis, analysis, dynamics, and performance and the production of the actual cam body  itself. The most significant advancement of cam systems has resulted from the application of the digital computer. Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) have been invaluably applied as software tools. CAD design is downloaded to CAM in discrete increments by computer numerical control (CNC) for actual cam production.
Chapter 1. Introduction 1
Chapter 2. Basic Curves 27
Chapter 3. Modified Cam Curves 55
Chapter 4. Polynomial and Fourier Series Cam Curves 89
Chapter 5. Cam Motion Synthesis Using Spline Functions 107
Chapter 6. Elements of Cam Profile Geometry 159
Chapter 7. Geometry of Planer Cam Profiles 175
Chapter 8. Cam Mechanism Forces 217
Chapter 9. Cam Materials and Lubrication 251
Chapter 10. Cam Manufacturing 285
Chapter 11. Cam System Modeling 315
Chapter 12. Cam System Dynamics—Analysis 357
Chapter 13. Cam System Dynamics—Response 399
Chapter 14. Special Cam Mechanisms 453
Chapter 15. Cams in Microelectromechanical Systems 505
Chapter 16. Automotive Camshaft Dynamics 529



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