Jun 23, 2017

EBOOK - Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering (Volume 3) - Pedro Seco e Pinto

EBOOK - Kỹ thuật động đất (Volume 3) - Pedro Seco e Pinto (352 Trang).

Provides a forum to discuss research, conception, design, construction techniques, quality control, monitoring and operation applied to the many engineering works connected with earthquake geotechnical engineering. Following topics are covered: Dynamic characterization of soils Strong motions and site amplification Soil-structure interaction and retaining structures Underground and buried structures Liquefaction Slopes and embankments Codes, standards and safety evaluation Recent earthquakes Keynote lactures, theme lectures and discussion sessions. The proceedings are of extreme interest for consultants, researchers, practitioners, professors and students with different professional practices and backgrounds, but having in common the same interest in earthquake geotechnics, and reflect the present state-of-the-practice of earthquake geotechnical engineering.

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