Jun 3, 2017

EBOOK - Geotechnical Engineering (C. Venkatramaiaha)

EBOOK - Địa kỹ thuật - Tác giả: C. Venkatramaiaha (947 Trang).

With the enthusiastic response to the Second Edition of "GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING" from the academic community. the author has undertaken the task of preparing the Third Edition.
The important features of this Edition are minor revision/additions in Chapters 7. 8, 10, 17 and 18 and change over of the Illustrative Examples and Praclice Problems originally left in the MKS units into the S.I. units so that the book is completely in the S.I. units. This is because the so-caned "Period of Transition" may be considered to have been over. The topics involving minor revision/addition in the respective chapters specificaUy are:

Chapter 7  Estimation of the settlement due to secondary compression.
Uses and appli.cations of Skempton'g pore pressure parameters, and "Stress-path" approach and its usefulness. Unifonn load on an annular area (Ring foundation).
Reinforced Earth and Geosynthetics, and their applications in geotechnical practice.
The art of preparing a soil investigation report.
Only brief and elementary treatment of the above has been given.
Consequential changes at the appropriate places in the text, contents, answers to numerical problems, section numbers, figure numbers, chapter-wise references, and the indices have also been made.
A few printing errors noticed in the previous edition have been rectified. The reader is requested to refer to the latest revised versions of the 1.8. Codes mentioned in the book. In view of all these, it is hoped that the bouk would prove even more useful to the students than the previous edition.
The author wishes to thank the geotechnical enbrineenng fraternity for the excellent support given to his book. Finally, the author thanks the Publishers for bringing out this Edition in a relatively ashort time, while impro.ving the quality of production.



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