Jun 14, 2017

EBOOK - A Guide to Digital & Analogue Multimeters (Ian Poole)

The multimeter has been available in a variety of forms for very many years. It forms the mainstay of many test workshops and development laboratories. Measuring the basic quantities of voltage (AC & DC), current (AC & DC) and resistance the multimeter is able to make the main measurements required for many tests.
Nowadays with digital technology digital multimeters are able to make many more types of measurement from capacitance and inductance to frequency, time, temperature and much more.
In order to make the best use of the multimeter, it is necessary to know how one works and what its limitations are. In this way, it is possible to utilise it more effectively, and in ways that are able to extend its use.

This book aims to provide an approachable grounding into both analogue and digital multimeter technology, explaining how they work,, what their specifications mean, their limitations, and most important of all how to use them. Some tricks of the trade are also revealed, enabling the reader to use these instruments in many new, interesting and useful ways.



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