Jul 25, 2017

EBOOK - Fundamentals of Mechanical Vibrations (S. Graham Kelly)

EBOOK - Các nguyên lý cơ bản của rung động học - Tác giả: S. Graham Kelly (663 Trang).

Fundamentals of Mechanical Vibrations by S. Graham Kelly book incorporates a chapter on finite elements and problems including Matlab and Mathcad problems. The CD-ROM contains the solutions manual along with Mathcad and Matlab models and icons are used to highlight the text and examples that relate to modelling.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Free vibrations of one-degree-of-freedom- systems
Chapter 3: Harmonic excitation of one degree-of-freedom systems
Chapter 4: Vibrations of one-of-freedom systems
Chapter 5: Degree-of-freedoms: derivation equations
Chapter 6: Rations of Multi-of-freedom systems
Chapter 7: Forced Vibrations of Multi-Degree-of-freedom systems
Chapter 8: Vibration control
Chapter 9: Vibrations of continuous systems
Chapter 10: Finite-element method
Chapter 11: Nonlinear vibrations

Appendix A: Unit impulse function and unit step function
Appendix B: Laplace transforms
Appendix C: Linear algebra
Appendix D: Deflection of beams subject to concentrated loads
Appendix E: answers to selected problems
References Index.


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