Aug 8, 2017

EBOOK - The Vibration Analysis Handbook (James I. Taylor)

EBOOK - Sổ tay phân tích rung động - 345 Trang (Tác giả: James I. Taylor).

The physical movement or motion of a rotating machine is normally referred to as vibration. Since the vibration frequency and amplitude cannot be measured by sight or touch, a means must be employed to convert the vibration into a usable product that can be measured and analyzed. Electronics, mechanics, and chemical physics are closely related.
Therefore, it would logically follow that the conversion of the mechanical vibration into an electronic signal is the best solution. The means of converting the mechanical vibration into an electronic signal is called a transducer. The transducer output is proportionate to how fast the machine is moving (frequency) and how much the machine is moving (amplitude).

The frequency describes what is wrong with the machine and the amplitude escribes relative severity of the problem. The motion can be harmonic, periodic, and/or random. All harmonic motion is periodic.  However, all periodic motion is not harmonic. Random motion means the machine is moving in an unpredictable manner.


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