Oct 20, 2017

EBOOK - Audel Practical Electricity (Paul Rosenberg)

EBOOK - Thực hành điện (Paul Rosenberg) - 481 Trang.

Electricity is, almost unarguably, the most important basic technology in the world today. Almost every modern device, from cars to kitchen appliances to computers, is dependent upon it. Life, for most of us, would be almost unimaginable without electricity.
In fact, electricity cuts such a wide path through modern life that the teaching of electricity has developed into several different specialties. Typically, one learns electricity for computers, electricity for electronics, electricity for power wiring, or some other subcategory. And while this is some what   derstandable, it has often eliminated areal and basic coverage of electricity.
Practical Electricity,more than any other book available, covers electricity in broad terms. The first half of the book is not written for one particular specialty; it is written for all specialties. The fundamental forces of electricity are explained in terms that are understandable to almost everyone without eliminating anything of any importance. A computer technician can begin his or her training with the text, as could an electrician or a radio engineer.

Chapter 1 Magnetism and Electricity 1
Magnetic Poles 2
Experiments with Magnets 3
Formation of Permanent Magnets 7
Aiding and Opposing Magnetic Fields 9
Electromagnetism 11
Volts, Amperes, and Ohms 17
Electric and Magnetic Circuits 19
Understanding Electric Circuits 25
Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law 30
Electrical Power 30
Quick-Check Instruments
for Troubleshooting 32
Summary 33
Test Questions 34
Chapter 2 Conductors and Insulators 35
Classes of Conductors 35
Conducting Wire 36
Circular Mil-Foot 37
American Wire Gauge 39
Stranded Wires 43
Aluminum Wire 43
Line Drop 44
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance 44
Earth (Ground) Conduction 45
Conduction of Electricity by Air 45
Conduction of Electricity by Liquids 50
Insulators for Support of Wires 52
Classes of Insulation 53
Insulation Resistance 53
Plastic-Insulated Sheathed Cables 55
Summary 55
Test Questions 56
Chapter 3 Electric Circuits 59
Picture Diagrams and Schematic Diagrams 59
Voltage Polarities in Series Circuits 60
Voltage Measurements with Respect to
Ground 62
Resistance of a Battery 63
Efficiency and Load Power 65
Circuit Voltages in Opposition 66
Principles of Parallel Circuits 69
Shortcuts for Parallel Circuits 72
Conductance Values 73
Kirchhoff’s Current Law for
Parallel Circuits 78
Practical Problems in Parallel Circuits 80
Line Drop in Parallel Circuits 81
Parallel Connection of Cells 84
Summary 86
Test Questions 87
Chapter 4 Series-Parallel Circuits 89
Current Flow in a Series-Parallel Circuit 89
Kirchhoff’s Current Law 90
Series-Parallel Connection of Cells 92
Line Drop in Series-Parallel Circuits 93
Use of a Wattmeter 94
Circuit Reduction 94
Power in a Series-Parallel Circuit 98
Horsepower 99
Three-Wire Distribution Circuit 100
Summary 105
Test Questions 106
Chapter 5 Electromagnetic Induction 107
Principle of Electromagnetic Induction 107
Laws of Electromagnetic Induction 109
Self-Induction of a Coil 110
Transformers 113



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