Oct 11, 2017

EBOOK - Automation in electrical power system (A. Barzam)

EBOOK - Tự động hóa trong hệ thống điện (A. Barzam) - 419 Trang.

This is the third Russian edition of "Automation in Electrical Power Systems" which covers design and operation of automatic control devices intended to prevent and clear faults in electrical power systems and restore power to the loads in the event of breakdown thus assuring continuity of the supply.
The reliable and unfailing operation of such devices has been ensured through the research and development effort put into automatic power control systems.
The book discusses automatic control in conjunction with protective relaying, since the required reliability and economy of power system operation can be achieved through the combined action of both groups of equipment, each catering for specific aspects in functioning of loads and generating sources.

The wide use of automatic control systems adds to the reliability, stability and economy of power supply systems and takes some burden from attending personnel.
The book is designed as a study guide for students of power engineering secondary schools. It may also interest engineers concerned with the operation, installation and design of protective relaying and automatic devices used in electric power stations and networks.




purpose of Automatic power Control Systems.
Elements of Automatic Control Systems.
Automatic Control and Controllers.
Relays and Relaying Devices.
Elements of Logic Operations.
Connection Diagrams.
Review Questions.

Automatic Control of Synchronous Generator Excitation

purpose of Automatic Excitation Control (Alc) Devices.
Automatic Excitation Forcing of a Generator.
Excitation Compounding with Cumulative Connection of Electromagnetic Voltage Corrector.
Excitation Controllers of Generators, Series Tw, with a High-Frequency.
Excitation System.
Overaction Excitation Controllers.
Review Questions.

Automatic Voltage Regulation

Use of Aec devices.
Group Control of Generator Excitation.
Automatic Devices for Changing the Transformation Ratio of power Transformers.
Devices for Automatic Capacity Control of Capacitor Banks.
Voltage Regulation by Booster Transformers.
Voltage Regulation by Changing Excitation of Synchronous Capacitor.
Voltage Regulation by Controlled Reactors.
Review Questions.

Excitation Systems and Automatic Field Discharge Devices of Synchronous Machines

Exciters Using Gas-Discharge Tubes and Thyristors.
Brushless Excitation System.
Excitation Systems of Large Turbogenerators.
Field Discharge by Deion Grid Automatic Devices and by Changing the Field Coil Supply to Inverter Operation.
Review Questions.

Automatic Controls for Maintaining Stability in parallel Operation and Elimination of Asynchronous Operation

principal Relations Determining Operation of Automatic Controls.
Automatic Controls for Improvement of Steady-State Stability.
Automatic Controls for Improvement of Transient Stability.
Automatic Devices for Sectionalizing power Systems to prevent or Eliminate.
Asynchronous Operation.
Separation of Small Thermal power Stations from Large Hydroelectric Stations when Speed of Hydroelectric Generators Increases.
preventing Misoperation of protective Relaying.
Review Questions.

Automatic Frequency Control

purpose and Specific Features of Automatic Frequency Control (Afc).
Modern principles of Afc.
Short-Time Drops of Frequency.
Choice of parameters of Farc devices and work of Operators.
Afc and Farc circuits.
Induction Frequency Relays, Type Йвч-Oil (Ибч-3).
Frequency Relays, Type Рч-1, Employing Semiconductor Elements.
Review Questions.

Automatic Control of Frequency, Real power and power Flows in power Systems

Frequency and power Regulators.
Devices to Control power Output.
power Group Control at Thermal Stations.
power Group Control at Hydroelectric Stations.
Frequency and power Control in Integrated power Systems.
Magnetic power Transducers.
Review Questions.

Rapid paralleling of Synchronous Generators and parts of power System

precise Synchronization by Means of an Act-4 Autosynchronizer.
Self-Synchronization of Generators.
Automatic Connection of Generators by Self-Synchronization.
Speed Control Methods.
Three-phase Automatic Reclosure
Single Lines with Supply from One End.
Single Tie Lines Between power Stations and Substations with Synchronous Loads.
Tie Lines and parallel Links.
Tparc devices on Air Circuit Breakers.
Review Questions.

One-phase Automatic Reclosure of power Transmission Lines

Earth Fault and Tripping of One phase.
Types of Discriminating Elements of parc devices.
parc circuit.
Use of Tparc device of Double-Shot Type and pole-After-Pole Isolators in Place of a Parc device on Lines Supplied at One End.
Review Questions.

Three-Phase Automatic Reclosure of Transformers and Busbars

Automatic Testing of Busbars for Insulation.
Power Supply to Consumers After Tripping of Busbars and Automatic Reestablishing of Substation Connections.
Automatic Reestablishing of Power Station Connections.
Three-Phase Arc of Transformers.
Review Questions.

Automatic Transfer to Reserve Supply and Equipment

Ats device Circuits.
Ats devices Used by Substations Supplying Synchronous Loads.
Ats devices with Standardization Control Stations.
Self-Starting of an Asynchronous Load.
Review Questions.

Operation of Arc and Ats devices in Conjunction with Protective Relaying

Acceleration of Protection Action Before Arc.
Acceleration of Protection Action After Arc, Ats, and Remote Connection.
High-Speed Selective Disconnection.
Substations Without Circuit Breakers on the High-Tension Side.
Simplifying Protective Relaying of Complex System Lines.
Simplifying Primary Connection Circuits and Protective Relaying.
Step-Down Transformers at Remote-Controlled Substations.
Automatic Discriminating Redundancy.
Review Questions.

Automatic Control Eliminating Overvoltages Across Equipment

Overvoltage Automatic Protection Controls.
Increasing the Reset-to-Pickup Ratio of Voltage Relay.
Review Questions.

Automatic Recording of Electrical Variables in Disturbances

Automatic Starting Devices for Oscillographs.
Devices for Recording Electrical Variables with Automatic Acceleration of Recording Speeds During Disturbances.
Automatic Oscillographs.
Locating the Fault on Power Transmission Line from Fixing Instruments.
Fixing Instruments.
Review Questions.


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