Oct 18, 2017

EBOOK - Environmental Impact Assessment Methodologies (Y. Anjaneyulu & Valli Manickam)

EBOOK - Phương pháp đánh giá tác động môi trường (Y. Anjaneyulu & Valli Manickam) - 437 Trang.

This Second Edition of Environmental Impact Assessment Methodologies covers basic concepts and important methodologies. It details the prediction and assessment of impacts on soil and groundwater management, surface water management, biological environment, air environment, the impact of noise on the environment, and of socio-economic and human health impacts. This new edition contains an additional chapter on environmental risk assessment and risk management, a chapter on the application of remote sensing and GIS in EIA and a chapter with EIA case studies. Written clearly and concisely, it presents the fundamentals of EIA and how to apply these in practice. This volume is intended for a global audience of advanced students and practitioners in environmental management and planning.

Chapter 1: Fundametal approach to Environmental Impact Assessment Methodologies (EIA)
Chapter 2: EIA Methodologies
Chapter 3: Prediction and Assessment of Impacts on soil and Ground Water Envirinmental
Chapter 4: Prediction and Assessment of Impacts on Surface Water Envirinmental
Chapter 5: Prediction and Assessment of Impacts on Biological Water Envirinmental
Chapter 6: Prediction and Assessment of Impacts on the Air Water Envirinmental
Chapter 7: Prediction and Assessment of Impacts of Noise on the Envirinmental
Chapter 8: Prediction and Assessment of Impacts of Socio-Economic and Human Health Impacts
Chapter 9: Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) and Risk Management in EIA
Chapter 10: Application of remote Sensing and GIS for EIA
Chapter 11: EIA Case Studies.



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