EBOOK - A Mathematical Introduction to Control Theory (S. Engelberg)

Striking a nice balance between mathematical rigor and engineering-oriented applications, this second edition covers the bedrock parts of classical control theory - the Routh-Hurwitz theorem and applications, Nyquist diagrams, Bode plots, root locus plots, and the design of controllers (phase-lag, phase-lead, lag-lead, and PID). It also covers three more advanced topics - non-linear control, modern control, and discrete-time control.

This invaluable book makes effective use of MATLAB® as a tool in design and analysis. Containing 75 solved problems and 200 figures, this edition will be useful for junior and senior level university students in engineering who have a good knowledge of complex variables and linear algebra.


Mathematical Preliminaries
Transfer Functions
Feedback — An Introduction
The Routh-Hurwitz Criterion
The Principle of the Argument and Its Consequences
The Root Locus Diagram
Some Nonlinear Control Theory
An Introduction to Modern Control
Control of Hybrid Systems
Answers to Selected Exercises


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