Nov 20, 2017

EBOOK - Automotive Air Conditioning and Climate Control Systems (Steven Daly)

EBOOK - Hệ thống điều hòa không khí xe ô tô (Steven Daly) - 382 Trang.

Vehicle subsystems are understandably never given the discourse (research) needed to allow the engineer to have a complete understanding of how such technology evolves. The subject of air-conditioning (A/C) is certainly a victim of such negligence within the UK. Textbooks exist for the US market, which contain contributions from US manufacturers like GM, but little literature exists which provides comprehensive coverage for Europe. This problem, combined with the global political pressure on manufacturers to reduce the emission of harmful refrigerant gases (R134a), is providing a catalyst for changes to A/C technology. Research into alternative refrigerants like CO2 and alternative A/C systems has been ongoing for a number of years.

The motor vehicle industry resists such radical moves and wants more of a progressive phasing out of R134a, giving more of a lead time for the replacement technology to be introduced. It is certainly accurate to predict that during the next couple of years A/C technology, which includes systems and procedures and possibly certification to technicians, will radically change.
This book is born out of the current debate between politics and industry and hopes to provide the reader with a thorough up-to-date knowledge of current A/C systems, refrigerants and the new possible replacement systems like CO2 .The book is primarily technologyfocused, providing additional chapters on legislation and the environment. The book also has an unprecedentedamount of electronic coverage with some of the very latest sensors and actuators, OBD and EOBD, test procedures using meters, scanners and oscilloscopes and additional information on how to read European wiring diagrams. This information is then applied to three practical case studies based on European manufacturers. It is imperative that A/C engineers have the fundamental understanding of automotive electronic control to enable them to successfully work within the field of automotive Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC). This book gives that level of coverage providing the reader with a holistic understanding of the climate control system.

1 Air-conditioning fundamentals 1
1.1 History of automotive air-conditioning systems 1
1.2 Introduction to heating and ventilation 6
1.3 The basic theory of cooling 26
1.4 Vapour compression refrigeration 39
1.5 Alternatives cycles 42
1.6 The air-conditioning system 57
1.7 The expansion valve system 58
1.8 The fixed orifice valve system (cycling clutch orifice tube) 59
1.9 Dual air-conditioning 61
2 Air-conditioning components 62
2.1 The compressor 62
2.2 The condenser 77
2.3 The receiver-drier/accumulator 81
2.4 The expansion valve/fixed orifice valve 84
2.5 The evaporator 89
2.6 Anti-frosting devices 91
2.7 Basic control switches 93
3 Air-conditioning electrical and electronic control 95
3.1 Electrical principles 95
3.2 Sensors and actuators 113
3.3 Testing sensors and actuators 159
3.4 Oscilloscope waveform sampling 172
3.5 Multiplex wiring systems 183
3.6 OBD and EOBD 188
3.7 How to read wiring diagrams 194
3.8 Automotive A/C manual control system (case study 1) 205
3.9 Automotive A/C auto temp control system (case study 2) 221
3.10 Automotive climate control system (case study 3) 238
4 Diagnostics and troubleshooting 264
4.1 Initial vehicle inspection 264
4.2 Temperature measurements 266
4.3 Pressure gauge readings and cycle testing 267
4.4 A/C system leak testing 277
4.5 Sight glass 282
5 Service and repair 283
5.1 Servicing precautions 283
5.2 Refrigerant recovery, recycle and charging 288
5.3 System oil 310
5.4 System flushing 312
5.5 Odour removal 316
5.6 Retrofitting 317
5.7 Replacement and adjustment of compressor components 318
5.8 Fixed orifice valve remove and replace 335
6 The environment 337
6.1 Global warming 337
6.2 The ozone layer 338
7 Legislation 341
7.1 Historical perspective 341
7.2 US perspective 344



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