Dec 1, 2017

EBOOK - Fine Tuning Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems (Billy Langley)

EBOOK - Hệ thống lạnh và điều hòa không khí (Billy Langley) - 129 Trang.

This manual was written to provide the service technician with the procedures necessary to bring heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems, including heat pumps, to full operating efficiency. This manual was not intended to present “standard” service procedures but rather to provide advanced information and procedures that, when followed, cause the equipment to operate as it was designed by the manufacturer.
When used properly, the procedures presented in this manual will ensure that the equipment operates more economically and to full capacity and has a longer life with a minimum amount of repairs.

Chapter 1 Why Fine Tune Equipment?
Chapter 2 Electric Heating
Chapter 3 Gas Heating (Natural and LP)
Chapter 4 Oil Burners
Chapter 5 Air Conditioning Systems and Heat Pumps (Cooling Mode)
Chapter 6 Heat Pumps (Heating Mode)
Chapter 7 Refrigeration
Chapter 8 Megohmmeters
Chapter 9 Pressure-Enthalpy Diagrams
Chapter 10 Estimating Annual Heating Requirements
Appendix A Air Conditioning Formulas (Non-Psychrometric)
Appendix B Worksheets.



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