Dec 19, 2017

EBOOK - VHDL Coding and Logic Synthesis with Synopsys (Weng Fook Lee)

Unlike many other available references, this book is written specifically with practicality in mind. It has over 60 practical examples to help the reader learn how very high-speed integrated hardware description language (VHDL) coding and synthesis can be performed. Starting from simple VHDL coding, the book progresses to complicated, real-world designs. Synthesis results and tweaks are also shown to help the reader gain more insight into how experienced design engineers can optimize any synthesized design.

Apart from these key benefits, this book also contains a full chapter dedicated to showing the reader how a full-scale design project of a pipeline microcontroller can be performed: from architecture definition, instruction set definition, micro-architectural implementation, VHDL coding, and testbench coding, to synthesis optimization.
In the second portion of the book, synthesis is explained in detail with examples showing the reader how to use Synopsysr commands to optimize synthesized designs. This portion of the book also shows the reader many different architectural implementations that can be used to obtain the most efficient design that accomplishes both high-speed performance and minimal area utilization.



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