Feb 9, 2018

Bộ chuyển đổi tương tự số ADC08xx - Larry Wakeman

- Phần 1. ADC0808
- Phần 2. ADC0809
- Phần 3. Bộ giải mã 7 thanh 74LS47
- Phần 4. IC truyền thông nối tiếp MAX232
- Phần 5. Bộ điều chỉnh điện áp LM78xx

The ADC0808/ADC0809 Data Acquisition Devices (DAD) implement on a single chip most the elements of the stan-dard data acquisition system. They contain an 8-bit A/D converter, 8-channel multiplexer with an address input latch, and associated control logic. These devices provide most of the logic to interface to a variety of microprocessors with the addition of a minimum number of parts.
These circuits are implemented using a standard metal-gate CMOS process. This process is particularly suitable to appli-cations where both analog and digital functions must be im-plemented on the same chip.
These two converters, the ADC0808 and ADC0809, are functionally identical except that the ADC0808 has a total unadjusted error of g (/2 LSB and the ADC0809 has an unadjusted error of g 1 LSB. They are also related to their big brothers, the ADC0816 and ADC0817 expandable 16 channel converters. All four converters will typically do a conversion in E 100 m s when using a 640 kHz clock, but can convert a single input in as little as E 50 ms.



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