Feb 11, 2018

EBOOK - Biomass and Biofuels - Advanced Biorefineries for Sustainable Production and Distribution (Shibu Jose & Thallada Bhaskar)

EBOOK - Sinh khối và nhiên liệu sinh học (Shibu Jose & Thallada Bhaskar) - 393 Trang.

The long-held tenets of the energy sector are being rewritten in the twenty-first century. Major importers are now becoming exporters, and several countries that have been long-defined as major energy exporters are on the road to becoming leading centers of global demand growth. The right combination of policies and technologies can prove that the links among economic growth, energy demand, and energy-related CO2emissions can be weakened.

The rise of unconventional oil and gas and of renewables is transforming our economies and improving our understanding of the distribution of the world’s energy resources and their impacts. A complete knowledge of the dynamics underpinning energy markets is necessary for decision-makers who are attempting to reconcile economic, energy, and environmental objectives.
Those who anticipate global energy developments successfully can derive an advantage, while those who fail to do so risk making poor policy and investment decisions. The center of gravity for energy demand is moving toward emerging economies such as those of China, India, and the Middle East, as they drive global energy use one-third higher.

Part I Biomass Feedstock and Logistics

Chapter 1 Biomass Feedstocks: Types, Sources, Availability, Production, and Sustainability
Carol L. Williams

Chapter 2 Sorghum as a Sustainable Feedstock for Biofuels
P. Srinivasa Rao, Reddy Shetty Prakasham, P. Parthasarathy Rao, Surinder Chopra, and Shibu Jose

Chapter 3 Short Rotation Woody Crops Biomass Production
Diomides S. Zamora, Kent G. Apostol, William E. Berguson, Timothy A. Volk, Jeff Wright, and Eric J. Ogdahl

Chapter 4 Supply Chain Management of Biomass Feedstock
Sandra D. Ekşioğlu and Cerry M. Klein

Part II Conversion Processes

Chapter 5 Thermochemical Biomass Conversion for Rural Biorefinery
Thallada Bhaskar, Bhavya Balagurumurthy, Rawel Singh, and Priyanka Ohri

Chapter 6 Conversion of Holocellulose-Derived Polyols to Valuable Chemicals Using High-Temperature Liquid Water and High-Pressure Carbon Dioxide
Masayuki Shirai, Osamu Sato, and Aritomo Yamaguchi

Chapter 7 Utilization of Ionic Liquids for the Processing of Biopolymers
Tushar J. Trivedi and Arvind Kumar

Chapter 8 Economically Viable Biochemical Processes for Advanced Rural Biorefinery and Downstream Recovery Operations
Patrick Dube and Pratap Pullammanappallil

Chapter 9 Effect of Cometals in Copper Catalysts for Hydrogenolysis of Glycerol to 1,2-Propanediol
Rasika B. Mane and Chandrashekhar V. Rode

Chapter 10 Energy Harvest:
A Possible Solution to the Open Field Stubble Burning in Punjab, India
Sudhakar Sagi, Amit R. Patel, Robert F. Berry, and Harpreet Singh

Chapter 11 Algal Biorefinery
S. Venkata Mohan, M. V. Rohit, Rashmi Chandra, and Kannaiah R. Goud

Part III Ecological Economics and Policy

Chapter 12 Process Systems Engineering Approach to Biofuel Plant Design
Mariano Martín and Ignacio E. Grossmann

Chapter 13 Impact of Allocation Procedures on the Greenhouse Gas Intensity of Wood-Based Cellulosic Ethanol
Puneet Dwivedi

Chapter 14 Policy Mechanisms to Implement and Support Biomass and Biofuel Projects in the United States
Pankaj Lal, Pralhad Burli, and Janaki Alavalapati

Part IV Case Studies

Chapter 15 Cellulosic Biofuel in the United States: Targets, Achievements, Bottlenecks, and a Case Study of Three Advanced Biofuel Facilities
Sougata Bardhan, Shibu Jose, and Larry Godsey

Chapter 16 Biorefineries for Sustainable Production and Distribution: A Case Study from India
Thallada Bhaskar, Bhavya Balagurumurthy, Rawel Singh, and Azad Kumar

Chapter 17 Techno-Economic and Environmental Impacts of Biofuel Options in Brazil
Otavio Cavalett, Tassia L. Junqueira, Mateus F. Chagas, Lucas G. Pereira,
and Antonio Bonomi

Chapter 18 Biomass and Biofuels: A Case Study from Nigeria



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