EBOOK - The complete Idiot's guide to Aquaponic Gardening (Meg Stout)

EBOOK - Hướng dẫn đầy đủ về mô hình vườn cây trồng Aquaponic (Meg Stout) - 356 Trang.

An aquaponic garden allows a gardener to avoid chemical fertilizers by using fish to provide nutrients for the plants. The plants grow in a soil-free environment, and the roots clean the water for the fish. Together, the fish and plants work together so the water can be recycled indefinitely. You only need to replace water that has evaporated, reducing your water bill.

Aquaponic gardens produce food naturally with much less water than a conventional garden. Aquaponics is becoming popular among people concerned about nutrition, avoiding artificial additives, and protecting the environment.
You can create an aquaponic garden almost anywhere you can bring together light and space using a footprint as small as a single square foot. And aquaponics is easy. Once you’ve created your system, you won’t need to water or weed it, or even bend over. You will be able to grow more plants in less space than in a traditional garden, and your plants will grow faster and larger.



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