EBOOK - Engineering Materials 2 (Michael F. Ashby & David R H Jones)

EBOOK - Engineering Materials 2 - An Introduction to Microstructures Processing and Design (Michael F. Ashby & David R H Jones) - 391 Trang.

Materials are evolving today faster than at any time in history. Industrial nations regard the development of new and improved materials as an “underpinning technology” one which can stimulate innovation in all branches of engineering, making possible new designs for structures, appliances, engines, electrical and electronic devices, processing and energy conservation equipment, and much more.

Many of these nations have promoted government-backed initiatives to promote the development and exploitation of new materials: their lists generally include “high-performance” composites, new engineering ceramics, high-strength polymers, glassy metals, and new high-temperature alloys for gas turbines. These initiatives are now being felt throughout engineering, and have already stimulated design of a new and innovative range of consumer products.



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