EBOOK - The IBC of Aquaponics (Joel Malcolm & Faye Arcaro)

EBOOK - Mô hình nuôi trồng Aquaponics (Joel Malcolm & Faye Arcaro)

Ok, so you’ve downloaded, borrowed, been given or stolen this electronic manual from somewhere. Only joking, it’s free. So pass it on, email it, send it to your friends, put it on your thumb drive and take it home to show others, do what you like with it. This is a free document, and yes you can pretty much pass it on to whoever you like.

If you are involved with aquaponics at some sort of a commercial level and you’d like to share this document with people then please check our copyright details, we are happy for this to be distributed through forums, workshops, as parts of information packages etc, just so long as the document isn’t changed in any way, and it’s redistributed in its entirety giving full credits where credits due.

Later edition available with twice as much information, new pictures and all the latest bells and whistles. We will be adding to this document and releasing new editions as more and more people are building new systems incorporating IBC’s into new designs of their aquaponic systems. You don’t want just half the information available, and seeing it’s free anyway, you may as well just Click Here, it will take you to our version of this document.



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