EBOOK - Practical Centrifugal Pumps – Design Operation and Maintenance (Paresh Girdhar & Octo Moniz & Steve Mackay)

EBOOK - Thực hành về bơm ly tâm - Thiết kế vận hành và bảo dưỡng (Paresh Girdhar & Octo Moniz & Steve Mackay) - 260 Trang.

This books covers the essentials of pump construction, design applications, operations, maintenance and management issues and the authors have tried to provide you with the most up-to-date information and best practice in dealing with the subject.
Key topics which the book homes in on are: the various types of centrifugal pumps; relevant pump terminology; pump characteristics and pump curves; pump calculations; auxiliary equipment associated with pumping circuits; operating pump systems – drafting the correct operations, controls and procedures; pump reliability definition in terms of availability, criticality and wear characteristics; pump efficiency – capital, maintenance and life cycle costs.

From the reader’s perspective the following is offered:

• If you are an engineer or technician you will learn the inside information on why and how pumps are designed. No longer will you be specifying pumps you don’t understand.
• If you are working in the plant and maintenance area you will learn how pumps work, what the main causes of pump problems are and how to fix them quickly and effectively.
• Also if you are a design engineer or technician, you will gain a global picture in designing pumps from the authors’ many years of experience. We would hope that you will gain the following knowledge from this book:
• Pump terminology
• Real pump classifications, types and criteria for selection
• How to read pump curves and cross referencing issues
• Pump efficiency determination and cost analysis
• Critical elements in pump system design
• Shaft seal selection and failure determination
• How to install and commission a pump
• Condition monitoring and trouble-shooting of pumps
• What makes up a pump’s total discharge head requirement
• How to install pumps
• How to look after pump bearings
• Precautions when starting up a new pump or after strip-down for maintenance. Typical people who will find this book useful include:
• Plant Operations & Maintenance Personnel
• Plant Engineer, Managers & Supervisors
• Process Control Engineers & Supervisors
• Consulting Engineers
• Maintenance Engineers & Technicians
• Pump Sales and Applications Personnel
• Pump Users
• Pump Service Contractors.

You should have a modicum of mechanical knowledge and some exposure to pumping systems to
derive maximum benefit from this book.



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