EBOOK - Railway safety reliability and security - Technologies (Francesco Flammini)

EBOOK - An toàn đường sắt và kỹ thuật hệ thống (Francesco Flammini) - 488 Trang.

Rail transportation, in the widest sense of the expression, is becoming more and more significant both economically and ecologically. The growing number of megacities need mass transportation systems both within their ever expanding city limits, but also between the urban centres. In addition, more isolated areas need cost efficient, safe, and reliable transportation systems for people and goods into the urban centres.

Politicians all over the world are beginning to realise the importance of a well-developed and stable mass transport infrastructure as an alternative to the ever expanding and accident prone individual transportation on congested roads, as is witnessed by the numerous strategic programs for railway and metro systems.
The introduction of the European Rail Traffic Management System ERTMS some 20 years ago has led to a rejuvenation of railways within Europe. This process has been reinforced by the EU directives on interoperability that started with high-speed railways, continued with conventional rail and have now been united to a single directive for both high-speed and conventional rail.
The directive aims at achieving harmonised railway systems that can traffic throughout Europe without encountering national barriers. The ERTMS technology is being adopted outside Europe so that the day will come when “orient express” will mean trains travelling from Paris to Beijing!


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