EBOOK - Chemical thermodynamics - Basic concepts and methods 7th (Irving M. Klotz & Robert M. Rosenberg)

EBOOK - Nhiệt động lực học hóa học - Các khái niệm cơ bản (Irving M. Klotz & Robert M. Rosenberg) - 567 Trang.

This statement follows a request for Gibbs to prepare a new edition of, or a treatise founded on, the original. Those of us who still have difficulty with Gibbs are in good company. Planck wrote his famous textbook on thermodynamics independently of Gibbs, but subsequent authors were trying to make the work of Gibbs more easily understood than the Gibbs original. Similarly, each new edition of an established text tries to improve its pedagogical methods and bring itself up to date with recent
developments or applications. This is the case with this edition.



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