TÀI LIỆU - Các thiết bị vận tải sử dụng trong nhà máy xi măng (Holcim Group)

Belt joint shall be vulcanizedTrough angle shall not be less than 30°.
Belt speed: The maximum belt speed shall not exceed 2.0 m/s.
Conveyors handling dry fine material (i.e. cement) shall not exceed 1.25 m/s.
Belt speed for conveyors less than 50 meters in length shall not exceed 1.5 m/s.
Conveyors longer than 500 m can operate above 2 m/s (Overland Conveyors).
Trough belt width shall not be less than 800 mm. For special applications 650 mm belts may be used.


Mechanical Handling
Belt conveyor
Bucket elevator
Apron conveyor
Transfer Chutes
Air-assisted gravity systems
Pneumatic Transport
Positive / negative pressure systems



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