EBOOK - Electronic Principles 8th Edition (Albert Malvino & David Bates)

EBOOK - Nguyên lý điện tử 8th Edition (Albert Malvino & David Bates) - 1118 Trang.

Electronic Principles,eighth edition, continues its tradition as a clearly explained, in-depth introduction to electronic semiconductor devices and circuits. This textbook is intended for students who are taking their fi rst course in linear electronics.

The prerequisites are a dc/ac circuits course, algebra, and some trigonometry. Electronic Principlesprovides essential understanding of semiconductor device characteristics, testing, and the practical circuits in which they are found.
The text provides clearly explained concepts written in an easy-to-read onversational style establishing the foundation needed to understand the operation and troubleshooting of electronic systems. Practical circuit examples, applications, and troubleshooting exercises are found throughout the chapters.


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