EBOOK - Mechanical Measurements 2nd Edition (S.P. Venkateshan)

EBOOK - Đo lường cơ khí (S.P. Venkateshan) - 552 Trang.

The second edition of the book has been thoroughly revised and all errors that have come to my notice have been corrected. Additions have been made at various places in the book. Notable additions are in the statistical analysis of measured data in Module I. Important questions regarding normality of deviations and identification of outliers have been discussed in great detail.

These should interest the advanced reader who is looking for an understanding of these issues. Thermistors have been described in greater detail in Chpater 4. Also, the line reversal technique of measuring gas temperature has been described in greater detail. Theory of the integrating sphere has been discussed in detail in Chapter 12. Module V has been augmented with more examples from laboratory practice. Exercises are now positioned at the end of each module. Many new exercise problems have been added in this edition.


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