EBOOK - Air Conditioning System Design Manual 2nd Edition (Waiter T. Gronkzik)

This second edition represents a major update and revision of the ASHRAE  Air-Conditioning System Design Manual. Therequest that drove this revision effort was simply to make a successful resource more current. The revision process involved a thorough editing of all text in the manual, the addition of SI units throughout, the updating of references, and the editing of many illustrations.

New material dealing with design process, indoor air quality, desiccant dehumidification, and “green” HVAC&R systems was added. The editor acknowledges the active assistance of a Project Monitoring Subcommittee (with Warren Hahn as Chairman) from ASHRAE Technical Committee 9.1, which supervised the revision of this manual. The editor and committees are grateful to several individuals who reviewed all or parts of the draft of this revision and made valuable suggestions for improvements and clarifications (see list of contributors). Andrew Scheidt, University of Oregon, provided graphic assistance for the editing of many illustrations.


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